The bag that recycles and regenerates, all in one.

Turning hard to recycle plastics into products through our sustainable, user friendly service, minimises recycling and manufacturing emissions and avoids long distance transport emissions. This much lower emission profile lets us deploy natural, regenerative sequestering methods to lock Carbon Dioxide back into the ground.

How it works


Order a super strong paper recycle sack. They come with gum seal and seed cards for you to plant and enjoy!


Whether chairs, tables, yoghurt or plant pots, blister packs or medicine pots, or any other plastic, fill the bag with clean plastics.


Secure and seal the bag for for transit using the water activated gun adhesive. Simply wet with a sponge, roll up the bag opening and stick over the top.


Scan the seal QR code and click to collect. We take it to your nearest ReallyRecycle hub and convert it into products, planting a tree for each bag :)


Use the ReallyRecycle web app to view your impact in real-time, order new bags or get support to make a real difference for people and the planet.

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What Next?

Discover what happens after we get your bags, bins and boxes of plastic.

Custom Collation

Our staff come with their own masks.

...and gloves and PPE. Different waste comes with different risks. Medical waste is processed differently to general dry mixed plastics. Where there's a risk of contamination, we create an appropriate barrier between the person and any potential hazards in their surroundings.


Weigh it, Sort it!

Every bin, bag or box is weighed, dry sorted into different material and weighed again to ensure we minimise environmental risks and harm and retain as much value form the plastics.

Classically, plastic has little value in this form. It only gains value when transformed from scrap into a product. Before then, it's an intermediate that has no guarantee of being used downstream. We capture as much value here as possible. Even 5 grammes is worth much more as a product than scrap. So waste almost nothing!

Your Silly Sausage

Mixing grind to Filament, ready for use.

We turn the plastics into a long filament that we spool onto reels. These are ready to be used in our additive vending machines to make products at the touch of a button, wherever and whenever they are needed.


Make it!

Taking advanced manufacturing mainstream to turn recycled material into functional, everyday products for locals made locally!

Our in-house, skilled design and mechanical engineers model and publish the designs across our entire fleet of 3D vending machines. These are a digital distribution network that makes products much closer to the consumer. Cutting out long distance transport wherever in the world we are. Meaning we can make as little as a single item for customers. Something conventional injection moulding systems find impossible

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